Mink Coat

All Weather Mink Coat Rerversible to Microfiber

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All Weather Mink Coat Rerversible to Microfiber
    Model W1281A

    Another of our Top Favorites is this ever so versatile brown Mink stroller. The inside is made of micro reversible in a deep metallic bronze color. For your casual, but rainy day outing, you'll want to reverse this coat for sure. Wearing it "right side out" will be fantastically "right" for all occasions. Enjoy the luxurious longhair Mink trim from the neckline all the way down the front opening. This trim appears again at the banded cuffs. Three button closure. This beauty measures 36" in length. Imported. Sizes 2-26. Model W1281A.

    FREE GIFTS - $55 Retail Value with Each Coat
    Free Breathable Fur Garment Bag - Retail Value $30
    Free Deluxe Fur Garment Hanger - Retail Value $15
    Free Gift Wrapping and Special Occasion Card - Retail Value $10

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