Why Should I Trust Buying Online?

FAQ Section

1) Why do Aspen Fashions fur coats and fur accessories cost so much less than other stores?

Aspen Fashions saves you money by not having a brick and mortar facility and therefore has little to no overhead and employee expenses therefore passing the savings on to you.

2) Where is Aspen Fashions located?

Aspen Fashions is like having your own personal furrier online. We are exclusively an online boutique. We don’t have a retail store which is why our prices are so low.

3) What if I’m unsure of which size to get?

For sizing, we get your measurements (height, weight, dress size, etc.) and then Gwen knows what size to send you.

4) What if I don’t like the fit once it arrives?

You simply send it back and we go up or down a size as needed. Basically, we send it to you for a fitting and inspection. If you like it and it fits great, you can keep it.

5) What if I don’t like the coat even though it fits?

If you do not like it for any reason then simply return it for a 100% refund of the purchase price.

6) Why should I buy online instead of going to a brick and mortar store?

Besides the fact that our prices are less due to very low overhead, you save time and money by not having to drive all over town looking for the coat you want. Plus it is really hard to find these shearling (sheepskin) coats in retail stores.

7) When I go to order online it asks for my size, so how do I put in my measurements to be certain I get the right size since I’m not sure?

If you order online, you will receive a thank you for your order with a questionaire that asks for your measurements.

8) If I need to talk to a live person to ask questions, is someone available to take my call?

If you call and order over the phone, Gwen will visit with you, answer your questions and then she will know what size to send you.

9) Do I pay sales tax on fur coats, shearling coats or anything I buy from Aspen Fashions?

There is no sales tax (except for Texas residents.) That saves Aspen Fashions customers approximately $80-85 on a $1,000 purchase or $160-170 on a $2,000 purchase depending on your sales tax rate and the amount of your purchase. Paying no sales tax is a huge savings and just one more reason to buy online!