Claudia Reversible Mink Section Stroller

Claudia Reversible Mink Section Stroller

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Claudia Reversible Mink Section Stroller

    Model CH9954RW

    Our mink section stroller with mink tail collar, tuxedo front and cuffs is a very beautiful mink coat. It will go with so many of your fashions including jeans and you will look fantastic. With four hook and loop closures, two inseam pockets and a lovely blend of creamy white and taupe colors you will look forward to wearing this coat on special occasions and shopping. It measures 32" long. Fur Origin: Denmark. Imported. Model CH9954RW.

    Testimonial for Model CH9954RW:

    I got it!!! It's the most beautiful coat I've ever seen. I love it so, so much. It will be my valentine's day gift.

    K.N., AZ

    Hi Gwen, I received my order a little while agao for the cream mink stroller & the midnight blue mink jacket.  They are both very nice and I'll be gladly adding them to my collection lol.  I really love them.  I purchsed these coats as a birthday gift for myself from husband lol.  I will definitely be taking them with me to Atlantic City for my birthday vacation a few days after Thanksgiving.  I truly look forward to doing business with you again in the future.  Take care and remain courteous with your EXCELLENT customer service.

    R.H., NY

    FREE GIFTS - $55 Retail Value with Each Coat
    Free Breathable Fur Garment Bag - Retail Value $30
    Free Deluxe Fur Garment Hanger - Retail Value $15
    Free Gift Wrapping and Special Occasion Card - Retail Value $10

    Retail Price: $3,400.00
    Sales Price: $1,699.00

    UPS Ground Shipping Only - $23.80
    Quantity in Basket: None