What Is A Shearling Coat?

A Shearling Coat is a fine, light weight garment made from the world's best wool-on lamb pelts. The suede outside acts as a wind breaker while the wool inside is one of nature's best insulators.
Shearling is the pelt (skin with wool) of a young sheep/ lamb that has been shorn only once. The skin to which the wool adheres is soft, sometimes as soft as suede. The lamb is shorn just once simply because its wool only reaches a shearing length once in its lifetime.
Many luxury footwear and apparel items are made from soft and warm shearling pelts. A typical shearling pelt has leather, or sueded leather, on one side and shorn fibers on the other side. The fibers of shearling tend to wick away moisture making it comfortable year round.

Color Options

Black, blue sapphire, burgundy, cinnamon, coco, cream, dark chocolate, dove gray, honey blonde, peaches and cream, golden tan, tan, olive, red, and robins egg blue just to name a few.

How They're Made

After acquiring premium skins you don't have just any old tannery finish the skins. This is another important step in the process and can mean the difference between a beautiful skin that is snuggly soft and very durable and something that is dry and scratchy and just falls apart.
Shearling tanneries are much like the wineries of the world. The quality of the final product has much to do with the amount of effort put into maintaining the highest standards of production, as well as, the high quality of the raw materials used in the process. Simply put, some are much better than others.
The skins are tanned with the wool of uniform length to create a luxurious pelt that is then transformed into shearling coats, shearling jackets and other wonderfully warm items of apparel and boots. Products are normally hand cut with a furrier's knife, not a press, which creates a much nicer wool edge. The best shearling garments are double stitched to help guard against accidental unraveling.

For Shearling tanneries there are four very important factors:

1. The beginning quality of the skins.

2. The quality of the raw materials used to tan the skins.

3. The knowledge passed down from one generation to the next.

4. Their expertise with the latest tanning technologies.

The best tanneries are in Southern Europe. They have been working with Shearling skins for generations. They produce the high quality Shearling skins used in the manufacturing of many Aspen Fashions world class quality Shearling coats.

Countries Around the World That Produce Shearling Skins

Shearling coats are sourced from all over the world, including Australia, England, Iceland, New Zealand, Scandinavia, United States, Canada, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Best Shearling Coats

For centuries the Shepherds of Southern European (Spain, Italy and Portugal) Merino Sheep have controlled the breeding of their flocks to produce sheep with very tender meat, as well as, to have superior leather and wool qualities. Their skins are extremely lightweight, peachy soft, flexible, and amazingly warm which makes them the ultimate in comfort and warmth for Shearling Coats. Every spring the buyers from the best tanneries in the world can be found in Spain, Italy, and Portugal securing their supply of the best garment quality Shearling skins available.

Men's and Women's Shearling Coats

Classic men's and women's shearling coats and jackets will always be in style and Aspen Fashions offers some of the most beautiful jackets available. From a short jacket to a long shearling lined coat, each and every one is destined to become one of your favorite garments. We have hundreds of shearling garments for men and women in stock. Fit, styling, and quality of materials set our garments apart.